Ways to Market Yourself as an Actor in the Digital Age

Market Yourself as an Actor

As an actor, your character and persona are your niche products. Like a typical profitable item, you need to market yourself to get your name out there. The competition is tough, you can’t just waste time just waiting for opportunities to come knocking on your door.

Times may have changed, but the traditional way of marketing oneself, like appearing on TV every chance you get, guesting on radio shows, and submitting your portfolios to agencies, still works like magic. But your options should not be limited to these, especially considering the fact that it’s hard to book a guesting when you’re relatively unknown.

The rise of the digital age has helped us in more ways than one. For aspiring thespians, this means more ways to make their presence known.

5 Platforms You Can Use to Market Yourself as an Actor

The online community is growing too big and too fast that the entertainment industry is forced to adapt to the change. Snippets of movies and series are posted online, memes are made to boost online popularity of movies, and interviews are shared across different websites to reach a bigger audience.

Not only that. These advancements have also provided equal opportunities for aspiring talents to build a name for themselves, to get more people to know that they’re here and ready to take on the challenge. There are a lot of platforms now that rookie actors can use as marketing tools to introduce themselves and let more people know what they are capable of doing.

Platforms  to Market Yourself

If you are planning to take things online, here are online platforms you can use to market yourself as an actor.

1. Social media

When it comes to social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the big three. Uploading photos on a regular basis, sharing your interests and goals, and simply talking about how your day went are a few ways you can boost your social media following. You can also ask other social media “influencers” to give you a shout-out on their stories so their followers can also follow you on your accounts.

Social media can be dangerous, though, what with the huge number of people using it. It’s easy to get lost in the game of constant information sharing. But there are ways you can keep yourself safe on social media, so take extra caution.

2. Website

Although personal web pages are no longer as commonly used as they were, creating one does not really hurt. In fact, they’re still one of the most effective ways to market yourself as an actor. Your website will serve as your digitized résumé. You can put up your lookbook, give a brief description about yourself, and share professional achievements as an actor. Make sure they are organized in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Also, you can add your address and contact details, as well as links to your social media accounts so casting agencies and directors can easily contact you.


3. Blog

A blog is a type of website that acts as the confluence of all your social media accounts. But unlike websites that don’t need new updates every day , your blog has to be updated regularly. It is a good platform if you want to write about your recent acting gigs or share your experiences as an actor.

If you want to start your own blog, WordPress and Wix are two of the best blog-hosting sites you can use.

4. Podcast

Another way you can effectively market yourself as an actor is to create your own podcast. A podcast is a relatively new online platform where you can create a series of digital audio. Some also call it Internet Radio, although unlike the traditional radio, podcast allows you to post video files that users can stream and download.

5. YouTube

Other than the television shows and dramas, there’s actually a whole new world out there where you can share content—YouTube. Many actors and celebrities found their voice on YouTube, which ultimately helped them land jobs and build Hollywood fame.

Take Justine Bieber as an example! Before he became the famous pop star he is now, he was just a little kid who shared videos of himself singing and playing the guitar on YouTube. Besides Bieber, Liza Koshy is also one of YouTube’s success stories. She gained over 16 million subscribers since she started posting videos in 2013. Her perky personality and comedic sense landed her acting jobs, and soon she was given a chance to star on her own comedy series, Liza on Demand.

With the right attitude and marketing techniques, you fate as a thespian can take a sweet twist. Online, everyone starts with nothing until their following grows bigger. It’s all about how you utilize the digital media and make things work to your advantage. It may not be an instantaneous success, but it’s a good start.

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