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Character Work 101: Getting into Character for Your Role


Besides being part of a kick-ass or heartwarming story, acting is also a field of study. Technique is vital to any actor who takes their work seriously, so if you’re planning to take on hundreds of roles, you’ll soon be able to recognize layers of personality or depths in thoughts inside even a fictional character. Aside from interpreting a character, your […]

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Is It Possible to Juggle Acting and a Full-Time Job?

Let’s cut to the chase: YES. Not everyone luckily spent their childhood onstage or in studios, blessed with premature opportunities and breakthroughs. Let’s face it. Most of us were in Catholic, if not public, schools, cowering under strict parents who pushed us to become nurses or engineers, hence this article. But news flash, many successful local actors also had to […]

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No Experience Yet? Here’s How You Make an Acting Portfolio

Acting Portfolio

Even the most successful stars had to start somewhere and at some point did not have much experience either, so don’t worry. We’ve been there before, and so were all others. How do you put together this acting portfolio if you have no experience? How to Make an Acting Portfolio if You Have No Experience Putting together a good portfolio can help […]

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Breeze Through Your Next Dance Auditions with These Tips

Dance Auditions

Whether you are auditioning for a dance company, a major performance, or a placement within your dance school, dance auditions bring out the butterflies you never thought were there. Even professionals can feel overwhelmed in front of the panel! But while dance auditions can be nerve-racking, being sufficiently prepared will help the day go more smoothly. Here are tips you […]

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How to Work with Directors on Set as an Actor

Work with Directors

One of the worst reputations you can have as an actor is that you cannot work with directors well. From the outside, you appear stubborn to them, unfocused, and unable to follow simple instructions. Taking direction is one of the most important qualities you should have as an actor to work with directors. All the talent in the world cannot save you once you’ve built […]

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Basic Vocal Warm-Ups for Actor and Singers

Vocal Warm-Ups

Just like athletes stretching out their body and muscles before a big game, vocalists and actors alike must make vocal warm-ups a habit before a performance or rehearsal. Stretching can prevent the athlete from unnecessary damage and pain. Stretching the voice is just as critical. The voice is one of the main tools of an actor, it being the instrument that carries key elements of […]

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Cold-Emailing Casting Directors: Pros, Cons, Dos, Don’ts


Everyone is busy, pressed for time and, in the entertainment industry, working under tight deadlines. But believe it or not, there have been actors who managed to secure roles and meetings by randomly cold-emailing a casting director. So does cold-emailing casting directors actually work? It’s well known in the marketing world that it takes seven to nine times of you contacting someone for them to […]

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Self-Tape Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Chances

Self-Tape Mistakes

When the casting agent asks you to send in an audition tape, you’d either dread the time-consuming process you’re going to suck at anyway or forget about the casting call entirely. If you’ve sent out a couple of tapes and haven’t booked jobs from them at all, you’re probably doing something wrong. How do you increase your success rate in landing more roles when self-tapes are required? Here […]

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Top 10 Cities to Start an Acting Career In

Top 10 Cities

One of the major concerns of actors that are just starting out is the town they reside. Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, is often considered the showbiz capital of the world. However, LA is not the only location in the US where you can find a wealth of auditions. In no particular order, here are the top 10 cities to consider moving […]

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Top 10 Greatest Acting Performances in Film History

Acting Performances

The noble art of acting was always built on a platform of theatricality. What the audiences and critics like is a little more substance to the confines of a good execution. The most intense acting performances leave a mark, and it’s always the performances that cut just within the limits of overacting that linger the longest. In no particular order, here are 10 of […]

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