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Preparing for Last-Minute Auditions? We Got Your Back


Sometimes last-minute auditions come in a week beforehand. Other times, they come a day before the audition! In times like this, you wonder whether there are actors who accept last-minute auditions without a second thought. Or do they think it over and ignore these opportunities whenever they come? Preparing for last-minute auditions is not easy, so think wisely. Here are […]

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Preparing for a Reality TV Audition? Here Are Steps to Guide You

Reality tv

Why are reality TV shows so popular? Well, it’s fun to see real, common people going through real ups and downs and to empathize with the feelings they’re facing. That’s why it’s off-putting whenever you sense a hint that the show is scripted. Real people are quirky and interesting and three-dimensional. The “realer” the people you see on TV, the […]

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Industry Advice: Nailing Your Drama School Audition

Young aspiring actors intent on making acting a career path attend drama school after secondary education to become professional actors. However, getting into a reputable drama school like Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, or Guildhall School of Music and Drama is not easy. Enrolling yourself in drama schools takes a lot of smart […]

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How Do Actors Speak New Accents in Movies Like They’re Native Speakers?

learning new accents for films

Exceptional plot, cinematography, lines, and special effects? An actor’s accent can still make or break a film. Do it so well and you’ll get an Oscar. Fail at it and you’ll be well remembered throughout history—in a bad way. For some actors, a poor attempt at an accent can follow them the rest of their career. Mastering an accent is […]

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Choosing the Perfect Audition Song for Your Singing Audition

Singing auditions are undeniably daunting and stressful at the same time. When it comes to auditioning for a musical or even a singing contest, keep in mind that the anxiety you feel is pretty much normal. Even seasoned performers find it difficult to perform in front of strangers, so do know that it all boils down to managing your anxiety […]

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Acting Education: What Major Types of Acting Classes Are There?

All professional and successful actors today were once beginners. In an industry where competition is always tight, they also had to take the necessary steps to give themselves an edge over other aspiring actors vying for the same role. While seeking help from talent agencies only opens you to a wide range of opportunities, enrolling in acting classes allows you […]

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Coming to Terms with Stage Directions: Tips for Newbie Theater Actors

New to theater? Delivering lines and performing stage directions while rehearsing onstage at the same time sure sounded easier said than done, don’t you think? Later, terms like upstage, center stage, and downstage came into the picture and added to the complication. If you’re having a hard time keeping up, here are tips for beginners to conquer stage directions. A […]

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Surviving on an Actor’s Budget: A Short Guide

Starving artists—it’s a stereotype that gets thrown around a lot, but now that you’re here, we know you know by now that there’s some truth to it. The sporadic nature of the work, the competition, and the constant uncertainty of booking a role make starting out an acting career definitely challenging. Even actors who make great money for each project […]

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