8 of the Best Improv Schools in LA and NYC

8 of the Best Improv Schools in LA and NYC

For most aspiring actors and well-established ones alike, improv skills can be just applied everywhere. From auditions to voice acting, when you work on your improv skills you will find that producers are more likely to be impressed by your creativity. The more you rake in impressive reviews, the bigger the chances you get in making it far.

If you would like to widen your horizon on how to sharpen your skills in improvising but have no idea where to begin, it’s best to consult a professional. You would be surprised to know that even long-running comedians have a history of consulting the help from improv schools and going back to the basics to start from scratch. The good news is, key cities over the United States have such schools with proven records that teach and enhance your improv skills. Professional improvisation courses are actually advisable to follow after commercial classes because they enhance your ability to market yourself better in this rather competitive field.

Below is a list of improv schools located around Los Angeles and New York below that teach the most notable courses, arranged in no particular order.

Carolyne Barry Workshops

carolyne barry, improv schoolThis commerical acting school is known to be one of the most popular ones in Los Angeles. It has a unique and crucial week-by-week workshop aiming to hone your improv skills. With a limited number of seats, it’s best to inquire early to reserve one. Each student is sure to get a chance to perform under the watchful eyes of instructors Gregory Hoyt and Donovan Scott. Classes teach from the basics of improvisation to letting creative run freely.

John Pallotta Studio of Acting

john pallotta, improv classJohn Pallotta is a well-known actor who has gone to star in several sitcoms, series, and films. He has also helped numerous people reach their acting goals by providing a hands on experience. The great thing about enrolling yourself in one of his classes is that you might just find a great opportunity to get booked. Pallota has hosted classes over New York, Illinois, and Baltimore. The sessions are also uniquely devised by incorporating On-Camera Commercial Improv for actors.

Samantha Jones

samantha jones, improv actor

New York–based Samantha Jones has numerous credentials under her belt. She has venture into producing, acting, and directing. But Jones is known most for her work as a improvisational comedian. She has also been in the industry for several years, constructing musical acts, and comedy sketches.

For her improv school, Jones develops her comedic brand by conducting Improv Empowerment Training. Classes have limited seats too, each aiming to teach liberated improvisation and comedy at the same time.

iO West

iO West theater, Hollywood Boulevard

iO West credits itself as a “Mecca for Improvisation.” This improv school is located in heart of Los Angeles in Hollywood Boulevard. iO West does not just teach classes in improvisation, the theater is the home of the Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival so you can just see how much credibility it holds.

The improv training classes hold a world-famous signature form called The Harold. Starting with an introductory phase and resulting in an advanced form. After which, passers of the course are given a seven-week run on the iO stage.

Peoples Improv Theater

people improv theater class

Also known as PIT, this is one of the finest improv schools out there. The best part of the courses is that they cater to a wide range of aspiring people who wish to break into the industry. PIT has classes for sketch writers and stand-up comedians. Their classes range from actual core writing and acting to special electives so you can learn the different aspects of improvisation.

The Second City

the second city, improv class

Second City is popular for being the largest improv schools and sketch comedy in the whole world. Here, you can find ways to improve your skills if you’re from the West Coast area since it just opened its doors in Hollywood Boulevard. If you want proof on how accomplished the actors after enrolling in their classes are, Second City alumni include legendary actors who have gone to star in Saturday Night Live and Thirty Rock.

Magnet Theater

magnet theater, improv class

If you want to experience inexpensive classes and nightly shows, then the Magnet Theater is the place for you. The improv coaches are noted to be very good at what they do, they have the ability to let you express yourself freely and creatively.

The Magnet Theater has designed its classes to focus on taking risks and developing your sense of expression. Like Peoples Improv Theater, it also offers courses on sketch writing and special electives. In addition to that, they have musical improv and storytelling, which teach the student how to incorporate improvisation in each.There are also classes available for students aged between twelve and eighteen, which culminate with a performance in front of friends and family. If you do decide to enroll in any of the adult programs, they offer a free intro to improvisation.

The Groundlings

groundlings theater, improv class

The Groundlings boasts a 41-year record in the field of improv and sketch comedy theater. They have a strong alumni record including some of the most coveted names in the industry, like Lisa Kudrow, Kristen Wiig, and Phil Hartman to name a few. Coaches earn the name “Groundlings”, where they perform in addition to teaching classes. A student has multiple choices when signing up; they can opt to enroll for progressive courses or try their drop-in classes. Class descriptions range from beginner to ones specially designed for professional actors who wish to develop their improv skills.

If you wish to make it big, keep in mind that improvisation may be just a basic skill but it might just be your key to the doors in the entertainment industry. When it comes to developing your improv skills, there are many ways to do it on your pace, but when you consult a professional, everything comes easier. Try choosing a theater class near where you live, or if you are truly chasing the dream, make a bold move to a big city where the best classes are.

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