Types of Jobs for Child Actors Who Want to Break into the Industry

Types of Jobs for Child Actors

The entertainment industry is huge a place to be in, especially for an aspiring child actor. It has diverse fields and jobs that anyone can dabble their feet in. Due to the wide variety of jobs waiting for everyone who wants to break into the industry, talent agencies would often categorize their talents and match them with jobs where they excel in or one that matches their personal interests.

To help you decide what your child should be doing in show business, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the different departments where acting opportunities are available. We prepared a list below that shows six of these departments.

The Different Types of Jobs for Child Actors

Here are the types of jobs for child actors who have always wanted to make a name in the entertainment industry.

1. Background Acting

Background Acting

For the longest time, we’ve all been made to believe that being an extra is a not-so-rewarding thing. But contrary to popular belief, it’s actually one of the first steps aspiring actors take as they try to pave their own way to stardom. Extras also get the opportunity to work with the movie stars that they idolize so much. Their role is extremely important too, as without background actors, scenes would’ve looked dull and unrealistic. Safe to say, movies wouldn’t really feel right without them.

Nowadays, agencies are the ones handling most of the extras in the industry. You can have your child signed up with a legitimate and honorable agency. Your child’s journey in the industry will be much easier and faster with the help of agencies. Playing a background may not sound like something you can brag about, but it is through this type of acting job that some of today’s A-list actors get noticed. Take it as your kid’s first step toward a career that will put them on par with the biggest stars.

2. Commercial Acting

Commercial Acting

This is probably one of the best starters for your child’s career. Commercials come in many forms, it can be a radio commercial, TV ads, or billboard. No matter the type, commercial acting will give your child the exposure that they need.

Aside from that, your child wouldn’t be stressed out because commercials aren’t as demanding as TV or film acting. The competition isn’t also that tough and they usually pay a decent amount of money, especially if the commercial is broadcast in national televisions.

3. Modeling


If you think that actors/actresses assigned to the modeling department are only good at posing in front of the cameras, then you’re quite mistaken. Although they are at their best when they are placed on print advertisements, runway, fashion events, and commercials, some of them are pretty versatile and can do voice-overs, commercials, and filming.

4. TV and Film

TV and Film

This is it right here, the big kahuna. The TV and film department has a variety of shows including special presentation movies, independent films, reality shows, documentaries, music videos, mini series, and films.

Your child will have a much better opportunity to make big bucks in this department, especially if the movie they’re hired to work on becomes a huge hit. Their name will be known to a good number of people, and who knows, one of the viewers is a casting director working on another project and is looking for someone to fill a big role!

5. Voice-Over Acting

Voice-Over Acting

This is probably the one with the most relaxing audition on this list. Why? Because your child wouldn’t have to worry about what they look since directors only focus on their voice. Voice-over actors are involved in film productions, commercials, and audio books.

6. Theater


The theater department consists of musical theater, plays, and opera. Although this can be more nerve-racking than any of the types of jobs for child actors on this list, as your kid has to perform before a live audience, this will greatly help hone their skills as an actor and as an entertainer in general.

Hopefully, this list will be helpful for you and your child actor in deciding what field they should focus on. You can decide with them instead of deciding for them. Bu the most important thing that you can do for your kid as a parent is to remind your child to constantly do their best.

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