Essential Tips for a Successful Casting Call

Essential Tips for a Successful Casting Call

A lot of people dream about making it big in the acting industry, but like many other actors, you will have to start somewhere. Auditions are the first hurdle that every actor needs to overcome to get acting parts. When you are booked by your agent for an acting job or have scheduled an open casting call for yourself, then you have to be prepared to give it all you got in order to get that much coveted part. This should be taken as an opportunity to showcase your skills and put the plans you have long worked for into action.

A casting call will be like an open stage and the casting directors are there to either give you the passport to proceed or the experience will serve as a way for you to assess where you can improve in the future.

To help you prepare for a casting call, you will need to gather as much resources as possible. Note that there are numerous other actors who are hoping to get the part as well, so being able to stand out will be a challenge you should be willing to take. Below you will find some helpful advice to take into consideration and follow in order to get a successful outcome from your casting call:

1. Be prepared

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Being prepared is not just getting to know the role that you are auditioning. But it means getting to know the details of the casting call. Where, what time, and the requirements should be listed down beforehand.

Also, you need to gather information about the monologue. Once you are provided with the lines prior to the audition, make sure you know them by heart. Memorizing will not be enough as this will make your acting seem robotic. Work on your facial expressions in front of a mirror and be the character you are trying to portray. Put to mind that being prepared does not mean preparing for your casting call the night before, instead start practicing as soon as you get the monologue so you do not end up cramming.

2. Arrive early and with all requirements on hand

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Wake up early after a good night’s rest and make sure you arrive with a full stomach and well hydrated. Remember to allot a considerable amount of time just in case you encounter traffic along the way. Casting directors do not take latecomers lightly as there are hundreds of aspiring actors auditioning as well. So see to it that you don’t make a bad impression by arriving late. There are not many instances wherein you will be given a reschedule and this alone should be enough reason for you to make use of everybody’s time wisely.

As for requirements, this usually includes a resume attached at the back of an actor’s composite card. These are essential for casting directors to remember you once you leave the room. Other than that, additional requirements will be indicated before the actual audition takes place.

3. Complete all vocal warm-ups and breathing exercises ahead of time

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It may sound a little bit cliched, but in order for you to let go of your nerves, it is best not to do last minute warm ups in the actual audition venue. This will only make you feel more rattled than you were before. Run through your lines one last time before you even reach the audition room and make you have a clear mind throughout the audition.

4. Show off your skills and flexibility

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No two casting calls are alike, so you never know what will be thrown at you during the actual audition.You might want to prepare your improvisation skills and flexibility for that matter to really be able to impress the casting director. Manage to stay calm and collected when faced with unfamiliar instructions and learn to listen in order to fully understand what is needed for the scene.

5. Inform casting directors if you have any special talents

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If you can sing, dance, or have a particular skill that will be essential for the role you are auditioning for, then do not hesitate to show it to the casting directors during the audition. This may give you leverage compared to the other actors auditioning. If you have already indicated these skills in your resume, you can always announce this in case the casting director fails to talk about it during your audition because most casting directors do not have the time to flip through your resume.

6. Be professional at all times


Professionalism is an attractive trait, no matter what industry you belong to. You can gain a lot of respect by being polite and friendly toward everyone in the audition. People you meet may give you the chance to build the necessary connection needed in the acting industry.

As for casting directors, you will need to be equally as polite. Greet all the staff and actors well to show the casting directors that you have the ability to work well with others. At the end of the audition, make sure to thank the casting directors for the opportunity no matter what the outcome is.

Also, actors who are in an audition need to dress smartly and not go overboard. You can dress in smart casual if no prior requirement is announced. Try to leave the theatrics or crazy outfits at home as these will not make you stand out in a good way but will rather leave you looking like a fool instead.

Getting an acting job in the industry is a challenge, especially with the number of other actors that share the same dream as you do. But despite the odds, you still need to keep your enthusiasm toward getting the role and regard the opportunity as a stage for you to showcase your acting skills. If you do not get the part, try not to think of what happened as a failure on your end but a way to assess what needs to be improved. After all, there will be other casting calls that you can audition for in the future.

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