Auditions Tips for Aspiring Teen Actors

Auditions Tips for Aspiring Teen Actors

Teen actors may find it difficult to navigate around the industry. For one thing, they have to deal with personal issues, school and deciding which direction they want to take next. But even if they encounter a handful of challenges, there are still a lot of teen actors that have found their own level of success. All it really takes is the right amount of discipline and perseverance to really push through.

If you happen to be one of the many teen actors looking to get a job and start building your career, then you need to go through an audition first. It does not matter if you have connection in the industry or not, there simply is no golden ticket into being featured on television or film. To help prepare you for that upcoming audition, read through our helpful tips below.

5 Audition Tips for Teen Actors

1. Preparation is key

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An audition is basically an actual production minus a crowd. The number one key to your success is how physically and mentally prepared you are for it. Think of your audition as a job interview, and make sure you complete the following before entering the audition room:

  • Do your research. What is the role you are auditioning for? Who is the director? What is the nature of the production you wish to be a part of?
  • Memorize.While improvising is always an attractive feature in every actor, it is still important to memorize your lines by heart. Try to memorize by rote, and make sure you take your time in doing so. An effective method that teen actors can take note of is to break down your lines and instill the emotions later. That way, you get to ingrain the script to your body to the point that you can even recite your lines in bed!

2. Stay professional and punctual

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A successful audition relies heavily on how you present yourself to casting directors. So maintaining your professionalism will allow you to create a lasting impression. It might be tempting to do something risky, but you may end up seeming a bit outlandish. So try to find a balance between the two by exhibiting an expressive demeanor, and staying reserved at the same time.

Punctuality is also something that most teen actors need to come to terms with. It might be tempting to show up ‘fashionably late’ or add a few more minutes in bed, but this type of attitude will not sit well with the acting industry in general. So set your alarm on the right time, and make sure you arrive at the venue around an hour to thirty minutes early.

3. Don’t be preoccupied with looking perfect

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As a teenager, you will likely encounter an awkward puberty phase. But that is completely normal, and casting directors do not necessarily focus on looks but on raw talent instead. So let your acting skills speak for themselves and quit worrying about how you look. Besides, a production team comes complete with stylists and makeup artists who are paid to make you look good.

4. Choose to be age-appropriate

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Teen actors sometimes feel the pressure to give in to what society finds ‘cool’, but you do not need to sacrifice your comfort just so you could give in to that. Go for jobs that are age appropriate by making sure that the roles you are applying for matches or is close to your current age. Besides, there should never be a rush when it comes to growing up as you’ll get your hands in more mature roles as you move forwards with your career.

5. Voice out any concerns

teen actors, auditions Just because you are young, that does not mean that people can just boss you around. There are a lot of teen actors who ruin their characters by having other people speak for them. Remember, your opinion counts as well. And while it is still important that you always seek advice from those older than you, at the end of the day always go for what you feel is right.

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