Audition Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing NOW

Audition Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing NOW

An audition can go two ways: you either come out successful or you don’t. This is why you should feel like you have nothing to lose when walking into an audition room. Casting directors love seeing performers who exceed expectations, those whose acting will make people feel like the character was especially written for them.

That said, actors cannot afford to commit audition mistakes that can come at the cost of valuable roles. To guide you through this, here is a list of audition mistakes to avoid.

Audition Mistakes Every Actor Must Avoid

1. Lack of preparation

Reading, Audition Mistakes

Improvisation may be an important skill to have when heading to an audition, but if the material is provided ahead of time, you really have no reason to perform a cold reading. This will only make casting directors think that you aren’t serious about the role, and they won’t hesitate to find someone else to play it.

2. Dressing like you literally just got of bed

Auditions, Dress for the Occasion

It’s dawn and you receive a call from your agent telling you about an opportunity just a few blocks away from your house. You don’t bother getting dressed for the occasion and immediately head out. After all, you can always tell the casting directors you were just informed of the audition at the last minute, right?


There is no excuse for dressing like a slob on your audition day, and making excuses is one of the biggest audition mistakes actors make.

Always make sure you have an emergency outfit on your closet (unless, of course, the audition requires a certain dress code) for auditions at short notice. This can be a simple white polo shirt paired with semi-casual jeans. With this, not only will you make yourself presentable, you will also arrive at the venue on time.

Speaking of time . . .

3. Arriving late

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The entertainment industry may not be like any business sector out there, but it still is a professional job nonetheless. Arriving late at the audition venue just shows how unprofessional you are, and this may leave a bad impression on casting directors.

4. Leaving your requirements behind

Reading Resume, Headshots

The most basic requirements that an actor must have are his headshot and résumé. No matter how big or small the production is, you need to have your requirements on hand. You never really know when you’ll be asked for materials, so it is best to always have them ready.

5. Overpreparing for an audition


Overpreparation is one of the most common audition mistakes. Overpreparing means relying too much on a strict rehearsal routine that you fail to take directions on the actual audition day. Remember, not everything will go as planned, so anticipate the curve balls that will be thrown your way.

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