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Is It Possible to Juggle Acting and a Full-Time Job?

Let’s cut to the chase: YES. Not everyone luckily spent their childhood onstage or in studios, blessed with premature opportunities and breakthroughs. Let’s face it. Most of us were in Catholic, if not public, schools, cowering under strict parents who pushed us to become nurses or engineers, hence this article. But news flash, many successful local actors also had to […]

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How to Prepare for a Musical Theater Audition

Prepare for a Musical Theater Audition

Musical theater acting is an art difficult to master. It’s acting, speaking, singing, and dancing all in one. So it’s only to be expected that auditioning for a role in this field of acting can be a challenge too, not to mention the thousands of performers you have to go against. Fortunately, there are pieces of advice you can use to help you land […]

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Being Extra as an Extra: How to Make a Good Impression as a Background Actor

Make a Good Impression as a Background Actor

The entertainment industry is growing from day to day, and so does the need for background actors. Everyone can be an extra, even seniors and babies are called to fill background roles. And if you want to be one of the famed stars in the industry, taking on a role as a background actor is a good starting point. Acting in […]

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Ways to Market Yourself as an Actor in the Digital Age

Market Yourself as an Actor

As an actor, your character and persona are your niche products. Like a typical profitable item, you need to market yourself to get your name out there. The competition is tough, you can’t just waste time just waiting for opportunities to come knocking on your door. Times may have changed, but the traditional way of marketing oneself, like appearing on […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Voice Acting: Tips for Becoming a Successful Voice Actor

Dos and Donts of Voice Acting

Standing behind the microphone, listening to instructions from voice directors, and reading a script all seem like an easy task, dot they not? But little do we know, being a voice artist requires excellent skills to learn and master all the essential know-how about voice acting. If the world of voice acting is where you want to be in, worry not, as we’ve outlined […]

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Steps to Becoming a Confident Actor

Becoming a Confident Actor

Anyone who’s passionate about acting will have to go to several auditions in hopes of landing an acting job. But sometimes, the want to break into the entertainment industry is not enough. Chasing after the superstar dream, just like anything else, is never easy. You get accepted this time, but you can get rejected the next. When bad news is […]

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How You Can Help Your Kid Stand Out at a Theater Audition

Tips for Standing Out at a Theater Audition

Is your child’s dream to become an actor? If yes, then theater acting is a good place to start. The theater is a perfect place to hone their acting skills, and the fact that it allows children to work with seasoned actors makes it even more worth trying. Before the child gets to act in a play, they will have to go through […]

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Tricks and Tips for Taking Headshots for Child Actors

Tips for Taking Headshots for Child Actors

On the surface, the process of taking headshots for child actors is the same for teen and adults. But there are factors that make photo sessions with young performers a little more challenging. For one, kids don’t exactly know how to stay still. And many other unexpected situations may arise during the photo session. Robin Lorraine, a Los Angeles–based photographer, watched as a […]

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