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Tricks and Tips for Taking Headshots for Child Actors

Tips for Taking Headshots for Child Actors

On the surface, the process of taking headshots for child actors is the same for teen and adults. But there are factors that make photo sessions with young performers a little more challenging. For one, kids don’t exactly know how to stay still. And many other unexpected situations may arise during the photo session. Robin Lorraine, a Los Angeles–based photographer, watched as a […]

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Types of Jobs for Child Actors Who Want to Break into the Industry

Types of Jobs for Child Actors

The entertainment industry is huge a place to be in, especially for an aspiring child actor. It has diverse fields and jobs that anyone can dabble their feet in. Due to the wide variety of jobs waiting for everyone who wants to break into the industry, talent agencies would often categorize their talents and match them with jobs where they […]

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5 Things a Parent Can Do to Help Young Actors Deal with Audition Rejection

A Parent to a Child Actor

As a parent to a child actor, you sure are aware that audition is mandatory for booking roles. Naturally, the thought of your child having to deal with rejection can be as stressful as the audition process itself. But you shouldn’t overlook the fact that rejection is part of the game, and many actors struggled to get roles before making it […]

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Parenting a Performer: Tips for Preparing Your Kid for the Limelight

Transition from Child to Adult Actor

When you think of successful child turned adult actors, the names Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman, Emma Roberts, and even former 3rd Rock from the Sun star Joseph Gordon-Levitt come to mind. These four Hollywood stars have grown up gracefully under the limelight, and their transition from child to adult actor until they have become award-winning performers has always been the subject of great attention. Stories about a child […]

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