Modeling Essentials to Always Pack in Your Modeling Bag

Modeling Bag

The road to being a supermodel isn’t always without bumps. It’s not something you achieve overnight. There’s a lot to learn before you can proudly say you are on the same level as the models you look up to.

The first step to getting to the ramp you’ve always wanted to be is to attend castings. And when it comes to castings, a big part of it is preparation. To say you’re well-prepared for a modeling audition does not only mean you’re physically and mentally ready. Little things matter too.

Like what you have in your modeling bag.


Essentials That a Model Should Always Have in Their Modeling Bag

It may not be a term coined by a professional, but a modeling bag is pretty much what you call the pack a model always has with them when going to modeling auditions. If you’re in the middle of preparation for a go-see or casting, here are four things you should keep in your modeling bag.

1. Your book (modeling portfolio)

The basics is what these are called. Never show up at go-sees, interviews, bookings, or castings without your book. Online portfolios may be the thing now, but hard copies should still be present. The night before, check if your résumé, comp card, and headshots are in your modeling bag. It’s your marketing tool, your business card. This is your best way to promote yourself and show the clients what you’ve got and what you can do.

2. Hygiene products

Stay fresh and clean, that’s a rule. So bring everything that will help you with that. For girls, sanitary napkins are a must. Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, deodorant, comb, wipes, sunscreen, moisturizer, face wash, body lotion, or anything you deem necessary should be in your modeling bag. It always pays to look fresh.

Guys who are prone to the 5 o’clock shadow should keep an electric shaver on hand. There could be occasions when you are asked to arrive with a few days growth of facial hair, but then the client decides they want you clean-shaven. No time to complain. Just give your face a once over.

3. Makeup kit

All the cosmetic products and tools you need should be in your modeling bag. This includes brushes, falsies, lash glue, tweezers, lash curler, etc. If you think being a male model exempts you from makeup, think again. Men should carry a good concealer, a bronzer, translucent powder, and a lip balm. Whether it is a casting or a gig, your own kit will come in handy if no makeup artist is present and you have to work your own way to getting yourself ready.

4. Hair products

A brush, comb, bobby pins, clips, elastics, hairspray, gel, pomade, wax, and other hair products are very important to have in your modeling bag. In the case that there are no stylists on set, you might want to bring a hair straightener or curler just in case. If you have a hairstyle that will need hair extensions, it is recommended that you also have a few clip-in hair extensions.

5. Nail kit

You never know when you might break a nail. For all bookings, models are required to have neat and tidy nails. Always have your nails freshly manicured and painted a “model-approved” color for the runway. Those colors include nude, light tan, and pale or very light pink. Sometimes the client might request that your nails be a certain length or shape. Unless you are expected to have an elaborate manicure, it is unlikely that there will be a manicurist on set, so be prepared to do it yourself. Also, clear nail polish works great when applied on to snags in hosiery, to prevent them from running and getting larger.

6. Flats/sneakers and heels

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Depending on the gig, a small selection of flats and heels of different heights are very good to have in your modeling bag. Often you will know the type of booking you are going to ahead of time, so you can ask your agent or booker what type of shoes to bring so you’re not lugging around heavy shoes. As for colors, stick with nude or black pumps. Designers may request other shoes, but those two shoes are standard. Make sure these are not too tight or loose and that you’ve practiced your walk with them already.

Sneakers are the comfortable choice when you are leaving the event and going home.

7. Undergarments

Women should have a matching set of seamless underwear and a variety of undergarments. This includes a strapless bra, a pushup bra, thong, seamless panties, hosiery, one-piece bodysuit, and a two-piece bikini. You can throw in a more pretty or sexy set for any lingerie style castings. Men should have fitted boxer briefs, briefs, bathing shorts, and a tank top as an undershirt. All items should be in the standard color: nude or black. White and gray are sometimes acceptable.

8. Rescue kit

A first-aid kit, a little sewing kit, some safety pins, double-sided tape, a bottle of adhesive, lens solution, etc. are all life savers. You never know when you need them.

9. Gadget essentials

Pack an extra charger, earphones, and power pack along with your phone. Always plot out your route and where you need to be beforehand. Having a cell phone with GPS using an updated Google Maps app or city map is essential. With today’s technology, there is absolutely no excuse for you to be late all because you couldn’t find the location of your casting or booking.


10. Healthy snacks and bottled water

Always expect that the casting, shoot, fitting, or booking goes on much longer than you planned. Plus, you don’t know how long you’ll have to be there. The gig can last the entire day, and if you don’t have anything to drink or eat the whole time, you might not be able to survive through that. Keep yourself hydrated. You don’t want to look like your soul just left your body in front of the clients and photographers. Don’t try to work when you are starving too. Besides, no one wants to work with a hungry, grumpy model. Bring healthy snacks with you. They should not be smelly, sticky, or require a lot of utensils. Some cut fruit, plain yogurt, and nuts can be the perfect thing to get you to your next meal.

Note: A professional model will never eat while wearing the client’s clothes! If it is absolutely necessary for you to eat or drink in the client’s clothes, though, be sure they are covered with something.

A Final Word

Remember that it’s not always the prettiest or most handsome model who gets the job, but the most professional and prepared model. Modeling agencies and clients like to work with models who take their career seriously. One way you can show them that is to always be prepared. That’s how you get out victorious in the cutthroat industry that is modeling. And castings can be tedious and stressful, but it’s always worth a try. Always.

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