Preparing for a Reality TV Audition? Here Are Steps to Guide You

Reality tv

Why are reality TV shows so popular?

Well, it’s fun to see real, common people going through real ups and downs and to empathize with the feelings they’re facing. That’s why it’s off-putting whenever you sense a hint that the show is scripted. Real people are quirky and interesting and three-dimensional. The “realer” the people you see on TV, the easier it is to see yourself there too.

Have you ever enjoyed one such show that you thought of joining it? While it’s possible, you also have to remember that you’ll be competing against so many “real” people. How did those contestants stand out and get shortlisted during the casting process?

Reality tv

How to Ace a Reality TV Show Audition

Discover what makes you unique.

Great reality shows aren’t made up of bland, lifeless personalities. It does not matter to casting directors if you are new or experienced in the business. They do not look for any big achievements either. All they are looking for is a person with great personality to make their show interesting. It could be that your imperfections are the very things that set you apart from the crowd. Do you have heterochromia? Six fingers? If you have large boobs, don’t hide them. If you have long legs, show them off. If you’re a guy with a six-pack, be sure your shirt shows it off. Perhaps you also have unique life story. Write these unique traits down and be clear about them. 

Important: Don’t lie just to make yourself sound interesting! Again, casting directors are looking for real people.

Know which shows you’re best suited for.

Reality tv

There’s Real World, where you’re looking for one set of personalities, and then there’s Dancing with the Stars, where the person has to have skill. Indeed, reality TV shows can span from talent shows to cast members living in the wild. This is why it is largely important for you to be trying out for the reality TV show that suits you. There are shows that highlight a special skill like cooking, singing, or dancing. If you are aiming for a broader audience, try for shows that do not require specific skills. 

Research the production company.

Do your homework! Researching about the company you’re auditioning for will set your expectations and help you understand the kind of group you’re joining. Sometimes you’ll see a pattern of the types of people they accept in the cast. Some inside knowledge can be useful when you’re auditioning. It helps you shift your focus to the parts of you that the company is looking for.

Prepare answers for tough interview questions.

Reality tv

Just like applying for a job, you’ll go through a series of interviews, only that the questions in reality TV show auditions are personal. Casting directors will ask tough questions to find that uniqueness in you. Expect questions like “Tell me about an experience that forever changed you,” “What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?” or “Tell me about a time you had to stand up for yourself or someone else.” Don’t be intimidated. These questions are designed to get to know you and how you react to spontaneous questions. Anticipate this, and stay true to yourself.

Practice speaking in front of the camera.

Reality TV shows are not for the camera shy! You’ll be dealing with cameras the whole time you’re in the show. If you’re still working on your confidence, you’ll have to continue working on it but with a camera this time. Practicing in front of the camera also allows you to gauge how you react, how you enunciate your words, and how your voice sounds.

Prepare the requirements.

Reality tv

If you are auditioning for reality shows that ask you to submit video applications, record a video that shows how it is exactly like to be living your life. Whether you shot it at the best locations or not won’t matter. All casting directors care about is your story, your life, your work, your family, and your home. Don’t put this off for later all because you don’t think you’re ready. The more candid, the better.

Ready your material.

If you’re the type to join reality shows that require certain skills, you must be in your peak ability! Auditioning for American Idol or The X Factor? Warm up, rehearse every day, hire a coach, and avoid cold or sweet drinks. Auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance? Stay fit, attend dance workshops, train under various coaches, and watch dance videos to learn routines (more tips here). The same goes for cooking shows, modeling shows, design shows, etc. Train, rehearse, and sharpen that skill every day!

Good luck and stay real!

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