Preparing for Last-Minute Auditions? We Got Your Back


Sometimes last-minute auditions come in a week beforehand. Other times, they come a day before the audition! In times like this, you wonder whether there are actors who accept last-minute auditions without a second thought. Or do they think it over and ignore these opportunities whenever they come? Preparing for last-minute auditions is not easy, so think wisely. Here are tips for actors willing to join last-minute auditions.


Joining Last-Minute Auditions? Here Are Tips to Survive Them

Carry out a bare-bones minimum preparation.

Have you heard of a minimum viable product? It’s a car without the air conditioning. It’s a sandwich without the mustard. In other words, it’s the very most basic and stripped down thing you can make and still call it by its name. So how does that look like when translated to last-minute audition preparations? Basically, a bare-bones minimum preparation for desperate times like this is learning the story, doing the character work, and learning the lines. Hiring an acting coach won’t work in a last-minute audition’s time frame. Nor will immersion, in-depth character analysis, script analysis, casting director research, and many other steps. 

Determine the material’s genre.


The genre of the story dictates the general mood and tone of the dialogues. If you’ve prepared your interpretation thinking the material is a drama and you get in the audition room and realize what you’re auditioning for is a comedy, you’re going to make things awkward for yourself. It’s always best to do your homework before you dive in. Look up the show, or Google the writers. Writers typically write in a specific genre they specialize in. 

Do NOT skip reading the script.

Reading the script is a step that should never be skipped! If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to engage with the casting director, writer, and director, and your lack of preparation will seep out despite your fake confidence. Though reading the story can take up precious preparation time, learning it or reading whatever audition information they give you (TV episode, synopsis, character bios) is a necessity. The moment you receive material, go to a quiet place and start reading. Learn the story and then you can have opinions. 


Get the gist out of the lines.

Memorize the first and last few words of your lines and the few last words of the lines of characters that lead to yours. By knowing the cue lines, not only will you be more prompt and timely in delivering your lines, you’ll eventually find yourself quickly grasping the gist, objectives, structure, and context of the story and characters in just a matter of few key words. This is also an effective way to familiarize the meanings of your lines instead of emptily memorizing them word for word. By learning cues alone, you’ll be focusing more on how the meaning of each line bridged the first few words to the last few words. That’s already taking in substantial subtext with just minimal effort! For more tips on learning lines quickly, here are more life hacks for you.

Make good decisions and commit to them.


Once you’ve begun your preparations, there’s no going back. Think of this as taking a multiple-choice IQ test. When you’re presented with different possibilities, select the choice that works best for you at the moment. You’re short on time, but even if you haven’t been able to prepare as normal, quickly make some strong decisions about the character in terms of personality, emotions, and gestures. However, do not completely eliminate the other choices and set them aside just in case.

Good luck!

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