Ready to Hit the High Seas? Here’s How You Can Land a Job as a Cruise Ship Performer

Ready to Hit the High Seas Heres How You Can Land a Job as a Cruise Ship Performer

The entertainment industry is filled with diverse talents. While some head to Hollywood or Broadway to fulfill their dreams of being a star performer, a good amount of entertainers have made their way to cruise ships to showcase their skills. By doing what they love and constantly working hard to excel at it, a lot of magicians, dancers, comedians, and singers have cemented their road to success as a cruise ship performer. It is a highly competitive industry with several perks, and yes, that includes traveling to different places around the world!

Naturally, you’ll have to be ready to go head to head with other performers. If you’re up for the challenge, here are a few tips to get you started.

How You Can Work as a Cruise Ship Performer

1. Know who’s hiring.

Cruise Ship

Like any industry, the first step to landing a job as a cruise ship performer is to get to know potential employers. What are the specific criteria they’re looking for? What is the company’s history? How do they treat their employees? What positions are they hiring? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself before applying. Large cruise ship lines like Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Disney Cruise Line have strict restrictions when it comes to hiring new staff. But their ever-expanding fleet is bound to work to your advantage.

2. Manage your expectations.

Crew Cabin

Despite the fact that you get to travel the world for free, you’re still working a full-time job and you’ll need to commit to that. As a cruise ship performer, you have to work non-specific hours each day interacting with guests and rehearsing for an upcoming show. This won’t include the time spent doing your own hair and makeup and the actual performance! Aside from that, you don’t exactly get a five-star treatment while onboard. Although you have all-expense-paid board and lodging, you still have to bunk with fellow employees. So assess first if this kind of life is something you are willing to live for the next months to come because once you sign on the dotted line, it may be difficult to turn back.

3. Check out legitimate job boards. Cruise Ship

It is easy to fall prey to fictitious job postings. A job scam typically offers attractive employment opportunities in exchange for an advanced payment. The money is often said to be for work visa processing, travel expenses, and other “legal” documents. Once you hand them the money, the scammer or scam agency disappears.

The golden rule when it comes to agencies is to never part with your money. No legitimate agency asks for money upfront. Second, you need to check if the agency is registered with the government. The following websites are great places to start looking for cruise jobs:

4. Get yourself acquainted with the employment application process.

Making Cruise Ship Resume

To increase your chances of getting employed, you should send your employee package directly to the cruise line using the addresses and contact names you find on their career board. It should include your resume, a cover letter, letters of reference, a copy of diploma or special awards, and a picture of yourself.

Your resume should highlight your experience as a performer, regardless if it was on a cruise or not. For example, if you are applying as a dancer, then list down the live productions you had the chance to partake in. Also in your cover later, state that you have a valid passport as well as the date of its expiry.

5. Stay up to date with the latest casting notices.

PO Cruises Dancers

A ship cruise operates for the whole 12 months in a year, meaning there is no specific season where you should apply for a job as a cruise ship performer. However, you’ll never know when an open casting call happens in your city. So sign up for entertainment portals like ExploreTalent to stay up to date with the latest auditions and jobs.

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