An Essential Guide for Upcoming Voice-Over Artists

An Essential Guide for Upcoming Voice-Over Artists

Voice-over artists are capable of finding work in various sectors in the industry. You’ve probably heard talented voice-over artists in animated features, television programs, and even documentaries. Oftentimes, the audio recording is done by the same artist. Some famous names in the business include Tara Strong (The Powerpuff Girls, A Series of Unfortunate Events) and Troy Baker who already has numerous voice-over credits for computer games.

If you think you have what it takes to break into the voice acting industry, then it is best to equip yourself with the right knowledge and skills. Find out everything you need to know about becoming a voice actor below.

An Industry Guide for Voice-Over Artists

1.Different types of voice-over artists

Mark Hamill

A lot of voice-over artists have radio broadcasting backgrounds  knowledge on the technical aspects of the industry. There are also professional actors who branch toward voice acting. A good example here is Mark Hamill, the former Star Wars actor is now one of the most successful voice-over artists.

There are a variety of expertise in the voice-over industry you can take note of. Here are the most basic types below.

  • Narrators, who specialize in documentaries, audio books, instructional videos, and audio tour guides
  • Voice actors, who perform in animated features, TV cartoons, video games, and foreign language dubbing
  • Announcers, who are in charge of introducing television segments and radio broadcasts. They can also extend their work to amusement parks, bus and train stations, and airline companies.

2. How voice actors find jobs

Facial Expressions

The voice acting industry is a competitive one. While there a variety of voice-over jobs available, you still need to find ways to stand out from the rest. Here are a few tips:

  • Create a clear and concise demo reel that showcases the quality of your voice
  • Get a talent agent to help you book jobs
  • Build your reputation in social media by uploading videos in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Move to areas where voice acting jobs are abundant
  • Send your résumé and demo reel to top studios
  • Attend voice acting conventions

3. Auditioning for voice acting jobs

Recording Studio

Managed to catch the eye of casting directors? The next step is to audition. Your voice is your most important asset here, so make sure it is warmed up and hydrated when the big day comes rolling in.

Certain auditions require you to deliver just one line, so if you have the convenience of preparing it ahead, then make sure that you are well-rehearsed. This will help you adapt in a stressful environment and ease out any audition nerves at the same time.

Voice acting is a talent that can be cultivated and later acknowledged by others. So if you wish to be a voice-over artist, maintaining a positive attitude is key. Remember that success does not happen overnight, so keep working hard; sooner or later, you’ll be able to share your talent with the world.

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