Tips for Choosing a Monologue for Your Audition

choosing a monlogue tips

Preparing for a Monologue audition is a long process that includes a lot of things to take into consideration. You have to familiarize the script, read it again and again and read it aloud to improve your articulation and everything. You need to do some research on the character you are playing to get to know it more and so you can play it well. You also have to prepare yourself physically so you don’t end up fainting before a panel of directors. Drink lots of water and get enough sleep. 


Acting auditions aren’t like a walk in the park. It’s more like a bar exam that you only have a once-in-a-lifetime chance at. If you are given a script, then there’s less to worry about. But oftentimes, actors are asked to prepare a performance of their own and on their own. This is where audition monologues jump into the picture. 

Choosing an audition monologue makes or breaks your audition. So it comes as no surprise that there’s a lot to consider when selecting one. You don’t simply settle for what’s famous among your colleagues. You have to know which one will get you the role you are vying for. 

Worry not. We prepared a list of tips on how to choose the best monologue for your upcoming audition. Check them out below.

How to Choose the Perfect Audition Monologue for You

1. Choose a monologue that lets you change emotions.


First tip is to choose a monologue with shifts in emotion. Do not attempt to play safe by selecting one that will only let you showcase the emotion that you’re good at showing. Choose something that lets you display a range of emotions. This will make you more compelling to watch and will have the judges on the edge of their seat.

2. Know your age range.

Get to know your age range before choosing a monologue. According to Bay Area casting director Amy Potozkin, “Select a monologue that is age appropriate, allows you to express the uniqueness of who you are and speaks to your strengths or is in your ‘sweet spot.’”

3. Choose a monologue that matches the role you are going for.


If you are going for a drama role, make sure you do not choose a monologue that will have you doing a skit. Do not choose a monologue that is thrilling if you want to go for a role on a comedy show. The close you can match your monologue to the role you are trying to audition for, the better.

4. Play to your strengths.

Experimenting is good and all; it lets you try a lot of different stuff and who knows, you will be good at it. But when choosing a monologue, it is best to try something that you will actually be good at, a monologue that lets you be the best that you can be. 


5.  Know your casting type.

Do not settle for something that you just like to do. Go for a monologue that actually suits you. To know which, it is best to know your casting type. It does not matter how versatile you are, you will always be a certain type of actor. There are a few things to consider when knowing your casting type, and that includes your age, appearance, personality, skills, and voice. Know your casting type and start from there.

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