Here’s Why Every Actor Should Consider Enrolling in a Dance Class

Heres Why Every Actor Should Consider Enrolling in a Dance Class

Actors should always be up for a challenge. And what better way to challenge yourself than by enrolling in a dance class? You don’t necessarily have to be good at it, simply enrolling in a dance class will help you feel mentally alert, more focused, and less anxious. All these skills will come in handy when you’re placed in demanding situations like an audition.

If you still aren’t convinced, then continue reading below for an in-depth look into how enrolling in a dance class can help your career as an actor.

4 Reasons Why Enrolling in a Dance Class Is Good for Any Actor

1. You become more alert and find it easier to take direction

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Everyone knows that lifestyle habits such as getting the right number of hours of sleep can help keep your brain sharp. However, one study suggests that dancing can give the same advantages as well. The study in question was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It states that dancing on a regular basis reduces the risk of mental issues like dementia.

In other words, you’re wiring your mind to become more alert and responsive. This allows you to perfect skills like memorizing your lines or learning to follow instructions.

2. You remove tension from your body

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An actor’s life can be difficult. You’re juggling audition schedules and actual production schedules while having to work survival jobs at the same time. When the stress takes a toll on you, it can come at the cost of your ability to express yourself. You’ve probably even seen actors—or you could be guilty of this yourself—show up to auditions looking all rigid and tense.

Apart from being an intelligence booster, dancing helps eliminate stressors since it’s an outlet for emotional expression. Scientifically speaking, dance is known to release endorphins, a hormone responsible for keeping people happy, active, and free-moving.

3. A dance class will boost your physical and mental health

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If you are physically and mentally in tune with your body, you become more comfortable when performing. Learning to dance will help you achieve this. Since dance is an activity that improves blood circulation, your brain immediately receives more oxygen and glucose. This results in improved brains functions and helps your brain become healthier and more responsive.

4. Dance help you become more focused

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During dance class, you’re learning the choreography by following the instructor. To really learn the moves, you have to drop everything from your hectic work life to other problems you have to deal with. This is a wonderful skill every actor can learn to hone. The ability to focus on the task at hand is useful when attending casting calls, when in sets, etc.

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This can’t be stressed enough: You don’t need to be a skilled dancer to reap all of its amazing benefits. In fact, most people who enroll in a dance class do it as a hobby. But of course, if you want to dance to learn this exciting new skill by heart, then by all means, go all out! Who knows? Your experience in dancing might just be the advantage you need to land that much-coveted role!

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