Common Acting Industry Questions Answered

Common Acting Industry Questions Answered

The first step to becoming an actor is to be knowledgeable of the acting industry itself. There are numerous questions out there to begin with, and the more you are familiar with them, the greater the chance you have in getting that acting job.

Below is a list of basic questions in the acting industry that will aid any aspiring actor out there.

 1. Do I need an agent?

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The answer is yes, but it is not necessary if you are just starting out in the industry. In fact, many actors took their first step to building an acting career without seeking the help of an acting agent. It is very possible to book a job without an agent. But as you move on in the acting industry, there will be more and more opportunities coming your way, placing you at risk of problems and even scams.

Think about having an agent as a way to accelerate your career to the fullest.

So how do I get an agent?

The first thing you must consider is the fact that agents are an investment that needs to be carefully considered. They do not come cheap, but if you do have the money, make sure you find a legitimate one. There are fake agents online and through other advertisements that prey on actors looking to make a career in the glitzy work of show business. It is not hard to determine a scam, here are a few things to consider at most when choosing an agent:

  • Agents are only paid a percentage or commission when an actor books an acting job, so you do not need to be charged for the representation in the first place
  • Legitimate agents remind actors that there are no guarantees in the industry
  • Agents do not require nude photo shoots at all
  • Agencies are registered businesses, so make sure their certificate is legitimate in the first place
  • Agents will not require you to work with a specific acting class, coach, or photographer

2. How do I prepare for my acting career?

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First of all, you need to be sure about it before you even begin. So reassess yourself and make sure you have the following: time, passion, and the willingness to commit. The acting industry can be a tough and unpredictable experience. One day, you are on top, the next you’re at the bottom of the game. As mentioned, there are no guarantees in this business, so the best thing you can do to prepare is to be emotionally determined and be willing to move on even after failing along the way.

Second, it is important to know the basic requirements in developing an acting skill. Two skills that require development is learning to read with meaning and learning to take instructions.

Learn to read. A script or dialogue is handed out to an actor for them to bring to life. Remember, it is not about how you read the words alone, but how you convey the emotion required with it.

 Learn to hear. Being able to take instructions well is an important part of the acting industry. Before you start booking projects, train yourself to be diligent and avoid daydreaming, if you know you  have the tendency to do so. Remember, the easier you are to work with, the bigger the chances you have to land more jobs.

3.  What is the most difficult thing about the acting industry?

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Not getting a role, auditions, finding an agent, and ultimately getting rejected should not be thought of as the most difficult part of the acting industry.They can be overcome through trial and error.

What many experts consider as the most difficult part of the industry is when an actor tries to stabilize his career. The risk of becoming monotonous is great in the business, and as an actor, it is up to them to bring something new to the table in order to remain relevant. One effective way of doing so is by taking acting classes. Do not ever think you seem to know everything about the industry when you happen to have spent several years on it.

4. What should I know about auditions?


To start with, it is important that you know where you can find auditions. A casting agent is the best way to begin as they have connections in the industry, they know famous people whom they can introduce you to.

The article has already discussed about how you can find a legitimate agent, see below for other tips when it comes to auditioning:

  • Expand your network. Actors are very fortunate nowadays since they are connected by social media. Take advantage of this by making contact online, but do take necessary precautions when it comes to selecting whom to contact.
  • Create accounts in audition Web sites. This is so you can get alerts on the latest auditions around your area
  • Try out for local plays or start with commercials. Actors have to start somewhere, so best you build your resume by starting with small acting roles

5. How do I get a long haul acting career?

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Learn a specific skill

Martial arts movies cast people who already have a background in the sport so they do not have to invest time, money, and energy in hiring someone to teach the actor. Learning a skill isn’t really a written rule when it comes to staying in the industry for a long time, but it can give an actor that much-needed leg up in the business.


Your acting career is a marathon, not a sprint competition. Take things to stride and keep celebrating the small wins as much as you do with the big ones. That way, you won’t lose sight on your career goals.

Surround yourself with good people

Many industry downfalls are because of actors being influenced by the wrong people. There are numerous stereotypical people in show business, so make sure you steer clear from them. It is important you develop a dynamic relationship with people you trust. They should be able to induce a positive attitude from you, and have those feelings reciprocated as well.

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