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How Does One Without Experience Start an Acting Career?

Is getting into acting like needing a valid ID just to get very your first valid ID? Is it like needing experience just to get your first job? Fortunately, it’s not. However, it does take quite long for most aspiring actors. Just like any dream career, acting takes grit, perseverance, hard work, and dedication to achieve success. If you’ve just […]

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How Do You Actually Join SAG-AFTRA or Actors’ Equity? What Do You Get from It?

actors' union

Union membership is a career goal for many actors who’ve been around the industry for quite a while. Any actor who dreams of working on a major commercial or Hollywood feature film will eventually consider joining a union to represent members by negotiating wages, working conditions, and benefits. What exactly is it, what do you get from it, and how […]

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Acting Tips: How Do I Effectively and Quickly Memorize Lines?

We know you’ve often wondered as a child how actors onstage or on set manage to memorize their lines for an entire movie or play. And now that you’ve found yourself entering the acting industry, you’re finally facing the overwhelming dilemma you’ve always wondered about long ago: how do actors memorize their lines?  Perhaps you have an audition this Friday […]

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The Usual Voice-Over Audition Mistakes That Make Casting Directors Cringe

For a craft that reaches such a broad audience, voice acting is a field people haven’t heard much of. When you turn on the radio and hear an ad, it might not cross your mind but you’re listening to the work of a voice actor. Voice actors are the “invisible” actors, whose voices give life and emotion to TV commercials, […]

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Is Finding Auditions Without an Agent Possible?

Although auditions obtained through the following ways are rarely for huge projects or roles, finding auditions without an agent is probably one of the most common ways that aspiring actors do to jump-start their career. In fact, there actually are experienced actors who want to constantly be proactive in their career, aggressive in their search for work, and able to […]

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How Do You Impress Casting Directors During an Audition?

When you didn’t get the part in a previous audition, we’re sure some of your friends told you that it wasn’t because your acting wasn’t good enough. This actually rings true from a casting director’s perspective. Many factors are taken into consideration during the casting process. In fact, plain skill isn’t the only/main quality that casting directors note down during […]

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Character Work 101: Getting into Character for Your Role

Besides being part of a kick-ass or heartwarming story, acting is also a field of study. Technique is vital to any actor who takes their work seriously, so if you’re planning to take on hundreds of roles, you’ll soon be able to recognize layers of personality or depths in thoughts inside even a fictional character. Aside from interpreting a character, your […]

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Is It Possible to Juggle Acting and a Full-Time Job?

Let’s cut to the chase: YES. Not everyone luckily spent their childhood onstage or in studios, blessed with premature opportunities and breakthroughs. But news flash, many successful Hollywood actors also had to juggle acting at some point in their lives while they were waiters, caregivers, carpenters, sales agents, restaurant mascots, service crew workers, store clerks, or bartenders. They found their […]

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