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Modeling Essentials to Always Pack in Your Modeling Bag

Modeling Bag

The road to being a supermodel isn’t always without bumps. It’s not something you achieve overnight. There’s a lot to learn before you can proudly say you are on the same level as the models you look up to. The first step to getting to the ramp you’ve always wanted to be is to attend castings. And when it comes […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Disney Auditions

Disney Auditions

For young actors, Disney auditions are by far among the most important they can get into. This primarily because the Disney brand are known to lead to different and really good acting opportunities and other career choices for those lucky enough to be cast in their movies or television shows. So if you are aspiring to become a part of the […]

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Vital Things to Learn about Demo Reels

Demo Reels

Why are demo reels important? What are they? How do you make demo reels? These and more are just some of questions that parents, teenagers, and kids are asking when it comes to creating and using demo reels for their auditions–and all these queries will be answered here. How Important Are Demo Reels? Demo reels are important in this fast-paced, highly […]

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Award-Winning Producer Shares Tips for Acing Acting Auditions

The first half of 2018 has been a festival of great movies that not only broke box-office records but also impressed critics. With a great start, we can expect the next seven months to be a battle between the biggest studios that are preparing to release the biggest films. As an aspiring actor, you probably want to be a part […]

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Steven Spielberg to Helm West Side Story Remake (And YES! You Can Be a Part of It)

Steven Spielberg to Helm West Side Story Remake And YES You Can Be a Part of It

Feeling pretty, witty, and bright? Well, you might want to put on your dancing shoes because West Side Story is getting a remake and it’s being helmed by Steven Spielberg himself! Yes, the acclaimed director is bringing back the classic musical about rival gangs and forbidden love. Writing the script is Tony Kushner, who is best known for his outstanding work in Angels in America and the film […]

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Netflix Auditions: How to Increase Your Chances of Landing a Role in a Netflix Show

Netflix Auditions How to Increase Your Chances of Landing a Role in a Netflix Show

Ah, Netflix. The world’s number one streaming channel has continuously rolled out the goods for audiences over the past few years. Be it films or binge-worthy series, there is a show tailored for all kinds of viewers. For this reason alone, Netflix has become a mecca for actors looking to get there name out there or to simply boost their already-rising career. Millie […]

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Had a Bad Audition? Here’s How You Can Move on and Learn from It

Had a Bad Audition Heres How You Can Move on and Learn from It

You have probably read all about the importance of going out there and giving your best at auditions. In reality, things don’t always go as planned. In certain cases, you could end up fumbling on your lines, the casting preferences may change, or someone more fitting for the role could be chosen. The important thing to remember is that it isn’t […]

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Tired of Making Coffee? Here Are Other Side Job Ideas for Actors

Tired of Making Coffee Here Are Other Side Job Ideas for Actors

If you’ve seen the movie La La Land, then you might have witnessed Emma Stone‘s character trying to juggle her budding acting career and a side job as a barista during the first half of the movie. More often than not, acting hopefuls find themselves in similar situations. It can be really hard to earn a decent living while pursuing an acting career, but the […]

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Audition Prep Secrets from the Most Famous TV Actors in Hollywood

Audition Prep Secrets from the Most Famous TV Actors in Hollywood

Auditions are no easy task. But in the acting world, they are mandatory. At least once in your career, you will find yourself walking into the audition hall, whether you like it or not. Time and time again, you have probably read an article on how preparation is one of the key factors in a successful audition. If you happen to be […]

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Ace That Audition: Tips for Creating an Effective Acting Résumé

Ace That Audition Tips for Creating an Effective Acting Rsum

Show business is not just about the talent and the looks, you will also need a professional acting résumé in order to get noticed by casting directors. Your acting résumé and headshot are the two most important requirements you need to bring with you to an audition. The résumé should detail your entire work experience, relevant skills, and a list of acting classes you have […]

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