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Steps to Becoming a Confident Actor

Becoming a Confident Actor

Anyone who’s passionate about acting will have to go to several auditions in hopes of landing an acting job. But sometimes, the want to break into the entertainment industry is not enough. Chasing after the superstar dream, just like anything else, is never easy. You get accepted this time, but you can get rejected the next. When bad news is […]

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How You Can Help Your Kid Stand Out at a Theater Audition

Tips for Standing Out at a Theater Audition

Is your child’s dream to become an actor? If yes, then theater acting is a good place to start. The theater is a perfect place to hone their acting skills, and the fact that it allows children to work with seasoned actors makes it even more worth trying. Before the child gets to act in a play, they will have to go through […]

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Acting 101: How You Can Prepare for Your First Acting Job

Prepare for Your First Acting Job

Landing an acting job isn’t easy that you think when you actually book one, everything’s going to be fine. But when you start preparing for your first acting job, you will see that the challenge does not end there. The whole thing can be way more challenging for young actors who are just starting to get to know the entertainment […]

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Tricks and Tips for Taking Headshots for Child Actors

Tips for Taking Headshots for Child Actors

On the surface, the process of taking headshots for child actors is the same for teen and adults. But there are factors that make photo sessions with young performers a little more challenging. For one, kids don’t exactly know how to stay still. And many other unexpected situations may arise during the photo session. Robin Lorraine, a Los Angeles–based photographer, watched as a […]

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How to Balance Career and School as a Young Actor

Balancing Career and School-min

It is no secret that show business can take a huge crunch off your schedule. So for some, especially those who are only starting out, balancing personal endeavors and a life full of press conferences, auditions, and shootings can be a bit challenging. For child actors, things can be even more difficult, as they have to balance out their priorities aka school and […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Disney Auditions

Disney Auditions

For young actors, Disney auditions are by far among the most important they can get into. This primarily because the Disney brand are known to lead to different and really good acting opportunities and other career choices for those lucky enough to be cast in their movies or television shows. So if you are aspiring to become a part of the […]

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Child Actor Performances Aspiring Young Talents Can Watch and Learn From

Child Actor Performances

Just like anything else, in the world of acting, there’s a lot one can learn from just observing. And this applies to adult and child actors alike. If your kid is working to break into the acting industry, there have been a significant number of child actor performances they can watch and learn from. Phenomenal Child Actor Performances Kid Actors Should Watch […]

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3 Ways Taking Acting Classes Can Help Your Child as a Performer

Acting Classes

Sure, acting classes are fun, but it’s not the only reason it is necessary that kids take one. There are a number of ways enrolling your child in acting workshops is beneficial to them. Why You Should Consider Enrolling Your Child Actor in Acting Classes From helping them boost their self-confidence to meeting new people, here are ways enrolling your child […]

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