5 Online Resources Every Actor Based in Atlanta Should Be Aware Of

5 Online Resources Every Actor Based in Atlanta Should Be Aware Of

Atlanta has risen to become the number one destination for all things show business. In 2009, the city of Georgia proposed a 30 percent film and television tax credit, transforming the entire state into one of the busiest production hubs in the world. Other than being home to Tyler Perry and CNN, several internationally renowned productions take place in Atlanta each year. This includes AMC’s Walking Dead, Netflix’s Stranger Things, and a huge bulk of productions under the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It is no question that Atlanta’s film, television, and theater industries are as lucrative as ever. And if you happen to be a performer based anywhere in Atlanta, there are several online resources you will find helpful in kick-starting your career.

Atlanta Actors Should Start Bookmarking These Websites Today

The Internet is a great place to turn to to look for possible acting jobs you could try out for. So the next time you surf the Web, make sure to visit these popular sites.
1. IMDb

A pro-membership with IMDb goes a long way. It is currently the largest online database for films, television, stage productions, actors, directors, and many more. You can retrieve the e-mail addresses or contact details of anyone within the Atlanta area immediately after signing up.
2. Explore Talent
Explore Talent

With over ten years of experience under its belt, Explore Talent has risen to become one of the largest entertainment resources online. Explore Talent’s Cast Match technology matches a talent’s skills and attributes against thousands of casting calls posted every day. Talents may opt to narrow down their search to a certain area by entering the name of the state or its zip code. So for Atlanta actors, type “Atlanta” or the state’s zip code to learn more about job postings and auditions in your area. Members are advised to upload showreels, headshots, and videos to increase their chances of being noticed.
3. SAG-AFTRA Atlanta

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) Atlanta division takes pride in their proactive membership and incentive program. The website alone boasts a lot of information for all union members and non-union members alike, including an extensive list of local casting directors. If you’ve already signed up as a member, you can view casting calls and local events.
4. Atlanta Film Community
Atlanta Film Community

The Atlanta Film Community is a Facebook group for actors, filmmakers, and film crew. It is an easy way to network with local performers and be in the loop with the latest casting news. You can get information about every work needed in the industry from acting jobs to behind-the-camera work.
5. CinemaATL

CinemaATL Magazine is an online resource that focuses on the Atlanta film scene. It also provides a spotlight for homegrown filmmakers and other members of the local film community. In other words, Atlanta actors can gain a lot of insight straight from filmmakers, actors, and other industry professionals in the area. It is a great source for contacts and events to help you start networking in the industry.

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