Pre-Show Rituals Theater Actors Should Take Note Of

Pre-Show Rituals Theater Actors Should Take Note Of

The stage is set, rehearsals are done, and the audience are waiting to be treated to a performance of a lifetime. Every actor knows that the process of creating a great performance requires a lot of hard work. They fully understand that the hours are spent in rehearsals, and a lot of restless nights spent on memorizing lines and learning those stage choreography—which are all necessary in portraying a character worth remembering.

Perhaps the biggest preparations come right before the lights come on. So whether you are performing on a local theater or on Broadway, chances are, you’ll need to follow pre-show rituals to ease out your nerves. Read about some pre-show rituals that every seasoned actor swears by below.

Preparing for a Show: A Look into the Most Common Pre-Show Rituals

1. Listening to music

Man Listening to Music

Everybody knows that music has the ability to set the mood. You can psyche yourself up by listening to upbeat music, or you can choose to keep yourself collected by going for more somber tunes. No matter what you choose to listen to, always make sure it is something that boosts your energy while alleviating your jittery nerves.

2. Doing physical warm-up

Physical Warm-Up

Even if the production does not require any dancing, a lot of pre-show rituals involve physical exercise. You can do anything from simple stretching to a bit of dancing to clear your mind of any distractions. If you happen to be a part of a play that requires dance numbers, then more extensive warm-up exercises are required.

3. Deciding on what to eat


For singers, selecting the right food is one of the most crucial pre-show rituals out there. Many singers cross out certain food like dairy, chocolate, caffeine, and sugar to avoid straining their voice. So if you happen to be a singer yourself, a cup of warm tea and lemon will be perfect before a show.

4. Finding your mantra

Mantra, Pre-Show Rituals

For those who don’t know, a mantra is a sound or word that is continuously repeated to sharpen concentration. Tibetan monks initially developed mantras for meditation purposes. Actors can use their own mantra to calm their nerves down. It can be anything from a simple “ooh” or “aah” sound to even a quote from your favorite book or movie.

5. Remembering what you came for

Theater Production, Actress

Don’t forget, you are an actor for a good reason. Whether this be a childhood dream or a passion that you have been pursuing for the past five years, there is nothing more motivating than realizing why you are about to perform on that stage. Let the adrenaline rush flow through your veins and work it toward your favor. At the end of the day, merely getting up on that stage is definitely something you can already be proud of.

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