How Home-Based Auditions Are Done and Tips for Acing Them

home-based auditions tips

The global COVID-19 pandemic crisis has changed the way we do things. It’s not just the healthcare industry that has been affected by this unprecedented crisis. Even the entertainment industry has had to make great adjustments to keep in line with widespread social distancing measures that are advised by health experts and governments all over the world. For instance, movie showings and concerts are now being postponed or canceled altogether just because it wouldn’t be advisable for people to engage in mass gatherings of any kind and risk getting infected or infecting other people. Another adjustment that the entertainment industry has had to make is to organize home-based auditions. 


Just because numerous productions are commonly put on hold these days doesn’t mean that the acting jobs are also at a standstill. There are still many producers out there that are on the lookout for actors and talents that they can hire for their future productions, to be shot at a time when all this is over and things are, more or less, back to normal. If you’re an actor about to attend your first home-based audition, you might not have any idea yet on what to do. The following tips can help you out.

Tips for Acing Home-Based Auditions

1. Do your research. 

Just because it’s a home-based audition doesn’t mean you can be lax about the research that you do about the character you’re auditioning for. It’s important to know the character in different ways: what the character says about himself, what the other characters say about him, and what the script says about him. 

2. Forge a connection.


This can be a bit of a challenge when you’re participating in a home-based audition. It’s a lot easier to create a connection with your audition masters when they are basically in the same room as you. However, it’s a different story when you don’t actually see them and you’re performing in front of a camera. But this is where your work as an actor starts. This is where you find a way not only to convince them that you can play the part but also to touch them from just your video alone.

3. Accomplish all the technical requirements for the online or home-based audition.

By this we mean the format and length of the video, the platform for submission, and even the font size and type of your application letter. This is a crucial part of any home-based audition because if you ever overlook just one requirement, that can get you disqualified from being part of the final list of candidates. So read up on the requirements, and make sure you follow them to the letter.


4. Be confident.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you don’t know how many people have had to be rejected in a casting call, even in home-based auditions like the one you’re planning on attending, because the casting directors could actually sense the potential talent’s nerves. They can see this even in a home-based audition video. So try to relax, and be confident. Even if you aren’t actually confident, try to make it seem like you are. If you can’t even convince the casting panel that you’re confident about the job, how can you ever persuade them that you’re fit for the role, right?

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